West African Drumming & Kora

African Study Tour

December 2017


WONTANARA! We are together!

Join us on a colourful adventure soaked in cultural traditions to Guinea, West Africa with our flexible 1-4 week Study intensive. The tour will run from 04/12/2017 – 31/12/2017. YOU CHOOSE the weeks that best suit you in-between these dates!!

Develop your musical craft in its original form from the home of the Djembe, with 4 hours of tuition per day. We focus on Percussion and dance study but the additional options are endless and easily organised. This study tour will not only give you the opportunity to experience Guinea as a local, but you will be welcomed with open arms to live together as part of the musicians family in Conakry, Guinea. This is an honour limited to only a few outside visitors to Guinea.

In addition to your daily drum and dance classes, we will visit bustling local and traditional village markets, witness an array of traditional ceremonies, view the local live talent at beachside bars and many other world class performances. You will also have the opportunity to take your drum and dance classes on a weekend holiday to the pristine beaches of Roume Island or beside the breathtaking waterfalls of Kindia!

Our tour offers an authentic experience where you will study & have the opportunity to perform with members of “Les Petit Sorciers” managed by Papa kouyate (percussionist for Miriam Makeba ‘mama africa’).  You will also be able to witness your hosts family, The Kalissa family, perform together and share in a dundunba to conclude your Guinean experience!


Dundunkan’s tour to West Africa, is unique in that, through our programs we aim to inspire you with a deeper understanding behind the richness of Guinea’s musical rhythms and dance culture as a way to further enhance your musical interest and skills. We achieve this by adopting Amadou’s late father’s open door hospitality policy. For any budding musicians, he would provide a home, food and inspiration for those to pursue their passions and talents. This tradition has been kept alive by the whole Kalissa family and as a result you will be lulled to sleep by the strings of the Kora and guitar every night! You will be exposed to many inspirational musicians during your stay, which ensures your trip will be a life changing, unforgettable experience!


Succumb to the vibrant Guinean community while they bathe you with their warm kindness and hospitality. Guinea is the hidden gem of West Africa, whose subtle charms will grow on you and remain in your heart forever.


Our tour is a flexible 1-4 week tour. Want to stay longer than 4 weeks? Easily arranged!

The tour will run from 04/12/2017 – 31/12/2017. Choose the weeks that best suit you in-between these dates!


4 weeks = $2900 ($2,700 if paid in full by 18th August 2017)

3 weeks = $2400 ($2,200 if paid in full by 18th August 2017)

2 weeks = $1,600 ($1,500 if paid in full by 18th August 2017)

1 week = $900 ($800 if paid in full by 18th August 2017)

** A $900 deposit is required upon booking and final payment made by 1st November 2017.


~ 4 hours group tuition per day, 5 days a week

~ Accommodation

~3 freshly cooked meals per day

~ Transport & Accomodation to Roume Island & Kindia trips

~Airport pickup and drop off

~ Instrument hire for your tour.  You could alternatively purchase your own and take them home with you.

~ A private performance & jam opportunity with renowned group ‘Les Sorciers de Papa Kouyate’


Percussion tuition will be from Master Drummer and host, Amadou Kalissa, alongside various other masters residing in Guinea.

General structure of the day commences with a 2 hour Djembe class, followed by 2 hours of dance.  Afternoon is 2 hour Djembe and 2 hour dance class.

The day can be tailored to student’s interests of any extra activities/sights to see.

In addition you can learn Kora from Amadous family, Balafon from ‘Les Sorciers de Papa Kouyate’ member.  Any other instrument you would like to learn can be easily arranged by a professional in that field.


You will be residing within Amadous family residence in Enco5, which is a 15 minute drive to Conakry airport and 30 mins from the city.

Brand new guesthouse which features Air-conditioning, western bathroom, lounge and large balcony for the star gazers!  Rooms can sleep 2 people either twin or double share.

Mosquito nets are also provided.


Food will be prepared by Amadous Sister ‘Bountou’ who is renowned by many locals as an amazing cook.  Sort after for ‘favourites’ that she sells at the local markets.

Rice, fish, vegetables and salad are the staples, however Bountou welcomes opportunities to cook something different!

Vegans and Vegetarians catered for.


  • Various venues to see the amazing musicians of Guinea perform, including Fougou Fougou Espace Cultural (also known as Fougou Fougou Faga Faga), Obama Bar.  These are the places to go to see all the amazing musicians Guinea has to offer.
  • Witness and become involved in various ceremonies.  These include: dundunba, engagements, weddings.
  • Kora performance most weekends by Amadous brothers Kora group “Les Eagle du Manding”.
  • Opportunity to participate/watch  Amadou’s groups ‘Les Petit Sourciers de papa kouyate’ rehearsal and performance.

** A $900 deposit is required upon booking and final payment made by 1st November 2017.

Once the deposit has been received and processed, we will send you an information pack on how/what to prepare for your trip.

You will need travel & health insurance and you will need to get a Yellow fever vaccination before departing your country of residence.