West African Drumming & Kora

Amadou Kalissa


DunDunKan West African Drumming & Kora is a creation of Amadou Kalissa who is renowned for his accomplishments as Master in Dun Dun.


Amadou is also known for his melodic Kora (African harp) playing, also    bringing advanced skills in Djembe (hand drum), Bolon (string bass), Gorni (string) & Krin.






Amadou, is a professionally trained musician with over 20 years of experience.  He was born in Guinea, West Africa where he studied the traditional rhythms of his culture, the Malinke people.

Whilst Kora was Amadou’s first love, the Djembe and Dun Duns soon followed. Amadous passion in music was fostered by his father, who for over 20 years was the lead Kora player in the world renowned group ‘Les Ballets Africains‘.

Amadou first picked up the kora at age 10 and his skill and passion quickly developed. At 17 years of age, Amadou became a valued member of the 7 piece group ‘Les Petit Sorciers de Guinee’ as lead Dun Dun player. This vibrant group was headed by Papa Kouyate who was the percussionist for Miriam Makeba (Mama Africa). Amadou began touring internationally with the group in 2001 and was chosen to go on his third European tour, performing beside the well known Djembefola ‘Fadouba Oulare in 2004’.

His dynamic nature brings out the fire in the Dun Dun and Djembe and elicits delicate transporting melodies on the Kora.

Experiencing Amadou’s Kora playing is a magical blend of technique and emotion that softly transports all on an ancient meandering journey back to Africa.