West African Drumming & Kora

Amadou Kalissa, solo artist featuring on the Kora (African Harp).


Experiencing Amadou’s Kora playing is a magical blend of technique and emotion that transports all on an ancient journey, softly meandering audiences back to Africa.

The Kora, also known as the African Harp, is a gentle and melodic 21 string instrument that can be enjoyed at any function including: Weddings, Gallery openings, Private parties, Festivals.

Amadou was born into a family of musicians.  His Father, Sister, younger brother and cousins all play the Kora professionally     in both Africa and Europe.

Amadou has over 20 years experience first learning the Kora from his father at 10 years of age in his home country Guinea, West Africa.

Amadou’s father was the lead Kora player for the world renowned group ‘Les Ballets Africains‘  for over 20 years passing on his natural gift and love of Kora to his son Amadou.

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